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ProfitClicking bankrupt - read fast!

ProfitClicking has bankrupt morally and ethically.

Ok, this is not what you might have expected, and you might hate us for the heart attack for certain people, but you must admit - morally and ethically, ProfitClicking, the HYIP industry gold standart, is bankrupt.


Because ProfitClicking officially stopped paying around 4 months ago.


Oh yea, they do pay of course, but...


How many of you were actually paid from ProfitClicking in the past month?


Two months?




The HYIP industry is at a craze

The HYIP industry is at a craze. The same people make a lot of money, and promise the world. They join every new site, move their downline, cashout fast due to referral commission and leave a lot of broken hearts in their paths (and empty pockets).


YourCreativeCrew puts an end to this!

YourCreativeCrew is here as a free to join and earn - FOREVER. We revived YCC for a certain reason, and at the same time, had our inner talks about the HYIP industry. Despite the many requests we get to add more HYIPs, YCC did its study and saw that HYIP is not different than gambling. People LOSE money. And guess what - people can lose their homes! Break families apart.  Just because they are being sold a dream that cannot be true (mostly due to some owner greed or inexperience).

We once promoted HYIPs, as we and a lot of others earned from them. But as we continued to lead the industry, we noticed those left behind. These are sad stories. We actually spent time and money helping some of them to come out of the holes (big ones...).

The truth is - there's not 1 HYIP that remained with us for the long term. Not 1. As far as short term profit go - yes, money can be made. The effects are devastating, because of 2 main reasons.

The first - the stress of members who join with financial risk might cause offline health problems. As "funny" as it sounds, there is vast importance to "offline health".
The second - most people can't handle success. Those who succeed once or twice, aquire a tendency to invest more and more. This is no different than a casino. Only this time, the casino seems to be managed by many owners. Lately, this has changed. The same HYIP owners, open program after program - moving their current database to the other program, in order to prolong payments, and increase their "profits".


The time to make money FOR FREE is NOW

  • You're not supposed to pay someone to promote HIS site!
  • You're not supposed to purchase a product yourself in order to be an affiliate for this product!
  • You can start building your business brick by brick, and see your earnings grow from month to month - safely but surely.

Learn patience

If nothing else, learn patience. This is an exponential business.

This means, that if in the first month, you made 0.02$, in the next you'll make 0.04$. Then 0.08$.

In two years time, of some effort and a lot of patience, you'll be making 83886.08$ per month!

And by using the right system (like the new YCC system), it will keep growing almost on autopilot!


Where do we go from here?

YourCreativeCrew was first developed to help its members make money.  The first idea was to promote 20dollars2surf .

Ever since then, we've grown beyond any expectation.  Then we our lapse - hacker issues, server issues, time and health issues among the team.

20dollars2surf is not enough on its own.  Actually, almost no program is enough on its own, because, we found out, that most admins are non professionals.  This might result in scams - scams that might result from non professionality.

It happened to Zeek (they were afraid to tell members that there's no revenue from the penny auction and lower the daily revenue), and it happened to many Get-Paid-To-Click sites.

YourCreativeCrew decided, that along promoting other programs, that we deem safe, we will implement our own revenue share program via our points system.

It will be very unique and profitable for everyone involved, but as mentioned above - you must excercise patience.  


Bottom line

YourCreativeCrew stops endorsing HYIP programs with no backbone and real proof from owners for their legitimicy.  For now, it means ALL HYIP programs are considered such.  You can already see the changes in the downline builder.

Patience.  This is the most important factor in making money in this industry (aside from cheating...).

If someone is successful, he has patience.  He built his income with his skills, and knew that sometimes it takes time to reap what you saw...

Bear with us as we help so many of you who are hurt from the HYIP industry to rise from its ashes.  

Help us help others by spreading the word. We will reward you beyond your dreams just for trying.


Yours in success,

Yonatan Kra

YourCreativeCrew Founder

On Behalf of the YourCreativeCrew Team


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What does the bar do?

This question was asked many times. Here are some clarifications to the most pressing questions asked.


Upon setup, it prompts you to finish registration and fill in some details. It might first load in French, but you can change the language to several (English among them...).

Active state

After that, when active, it leaves a rotating banner (ad) on your desktop on top of other programs. Also, from time to time a single popup will show (only one at a time - so if a popup is on, no other will appear). You don't have to actually stay near the computer when it is on. Depends on your screen size, a small banner is not such a bother, but again, you can activate the cashbar when you are away... in addition, you can move the cashbar on your screen to a more convenient location of your choice.

How long should I use it?

Every month, you can make up to 10,000 points using the cash bar. You can also earn bonuses from time to time (by clicking a special banner that shows  "surfer bonus" that appears from time to time). So when you get to 10,000 points, you don't have to use the bar anymore if you don't want to.

Is it safe?

We are using it for several months now - and nothing (bad) happened. Moreover, we are using several anti-maleware and antiviruse softwares and no alert popped up.

Do I have any incentive to get to 10,000 points?

Besides earning money by using the cash bar. YourCreativeCrew gives you an incentive to reach 10,000 points as fast as you can. The first 6 to reach 10,000 points will be able to choose to either get a banner rotating for the following month or get their chosen program to the downline builder.

Still have more questions? Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..