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How much does it cost to use the YourCreativeCrew system?

It costs absolutely nothing! We make money by helping you make money - so it is in our best interest you will make money by using the system.

I'm already a member of 20dollars2surf, can I still use the system?

·That's a tough question, as we make money only if you are in our downline. But, since we do want to help as many people make money online, we do not care if you use our system without being our downline. Enjoy this system and earn. If you have an account with no active downline, it would be nice of you to join one of our existing members.

Bidvertiser requires a credit card or a paypal payment. Do I have to use my credit card or Paypal funds?

Yes and no. In order to use bidvertiser you must use your credit card (that will not be billed) or your paypal funds, BUT, you don't have to use bidvertiser. We posted many more methods of promoting your site, so if you feel uncomfortable using one of our methods, feel free to use the others.

How do I make money? Where does it come from?

As mentioned in the video, the money comes from advertising. 20dollars2surfgets money from several sources and share the revenue with us, the members.

I have 50 YourCreativeCrew downline, but only 10 20dollars2surfdownline. Why?

YourCreativeCrew downline is totally separate from 20dollars2surfdownline. YourCreativeCrew counts all the leads (even those who did not confirm their email yet). So you can have people who did not approve their email yet, people who did not sign up to 20dollars2surfor people who were already signed up to it.

I had 80 YourCreativeCrew downline, and suddenly I had less. Why?

Because YourCreativeCrew counts every lead as your YCC downline, you can see them straight away. Every member is given 6 days to approve his email and then he is deleted from the system.  Members who have approved their email but did not login are also deleted after 6 days as well.  Since you now know your YCC downline emails, you can welcome them and increase the chance they will join and be active.

How much money can I make?

The amount you can make varies. You can have a look at the potential page·for the full potential. In general, you can make 10,000 points per month using the "cash bar". At the moment, 10,000 points equal 1$. You also earn points from playing games and clicking ads on the site and clicking the bonus points in the cashbar. Most points will arrive from referrals, eventually, as you earn 10% from 10 levels of referrals. Have a look the the·potential page·for a detailed calculation.

Your promised me 9 referrals on my first 4 days but I didn't get even 1. Why?

"You can give a man a fish, and feed him for a day. You can teach a man to fish, and feed him for a lifetime".We promise 9 referrals on the first 4 days to those who follow the steps and learn our free methods. You have many methods to choose from, and a combination of 2 or 3 will get you 9 referrals at least in 4 days (usually much more).

What does the cashbar do on my computer?

Click here for some cashbar FAQ.

Jeee... you are right, YourCreativeCrew team - just get 500,000 people, and get paid 50,000$/month.·Like that's going to happen...

This a a good point raised by many members.·We decided to add it here (and to the FAQ) since we have a good answer.Here's the answer:

We, as professional online marketers, are making a lot of money on paid opportunities.·In these opportunities, our downline pay 100-1000$/month.·We make a nice 20-50% commission on each one, so we don't need much in order to earn a lot.

But how hard it is to get people to sign up to a 100-1000$/month payment opportunity?

Other paid opportunities are not so far from 20dollars2surf.·Let's take GDI, for instance. ·GDI is the oldest MLM on the internet.·The monthly cost is 10$/month and you get paid 1$ per referral.·Now - in order to earn 1$/month in 20dollars2surf, you need 10 referrals.

Answer the following question: what is easier to achieve - 1 referral who pays 10$ monthly or 10 referrals who earn 1$/month just for surfing the web? See where we are heading? ·Instead of chasing people who will pay 10$ (or even 5$) monthly - you let people earn 1$ monthly.·So it takes 10 times more people - but it is much easier. ·About 100 times easier...


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What does the bar do?

This question was asked many times. Here are some clarifications to the most pressing questions asked.


Upon setup, it prompts you to finish registration and fill in some details. It might first load in French, but you can change the language to several (English among them...).

Active state

After that, when active, it leaves a rotating banner (ad) on your desktop on top of other programs. Also, from time to time a single popup will show (only one at a time - so if a popup is on, no other will appear). You don't have to actually stay near the computer when it is on. Depends on your screen size, a small banner is not such a bother, but again, you can activate the cashbar when you are away... in addition, you can move the cashbar on your screen to a more convenient location of your choice.

How long should I use it?

Every month, you can make up to 10,000 points using the cash bar. You can also earn bonuses from time to time (by clicking a special banner that shows  "surfer bonus" that appears from time to time). So when you get to 10,000 points, you don't have to use the bar anymore if you don't want to.

Is it safe?

We are using it for several months now - and nothing (bad) happened. Moreover, we are using several anti-maleware and antiviruse softwares and no alert popped up.

Do I have any incentive to get to 10,000 points?

Besides earning money by using the cash bar. YourCreativeCrew gives you an incentive to reach 10,000 points as fast as you can. The first 6 to reach 10,000 points will be able to choose to either get a banner rotating for the following month or get their chosen program to the downline builder.

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