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As a business owner, you need traffic. A lot of traffic. And in high quality.
Social traffic is one of the highest quality traffic that can be found.
From 5000 text ad impressions one can hope for anywhere between 10 to 50 leads!
Problem is - prices are going UP. 1000 high quality impressions can cost you 5$ on average.
If you want big results, you need to use at least 5000 impressions per ad!
This would mean every weekly campaign would cost you around 25$ minimum.
But what if you could do promote as much as you want, for a fraction of the cost?

A new software does that for you!

Use your computer's computational power in order to get an unlimited supply of (work from home) social traffic!
That's right - with this software, you get access to unlimited amount of traffic from a work from home social network - a real one that brings results!

How does it work?

The social network the software works with is Apsense.
Usually, you could get 2000 advertising credits for 10$.
With this software, you can actually get 30,000 to 45,000 credits per month (maybe even more) totally free!
Just leave the software on, and watch your credits balance grow!

Now what can you do with 40,000 credits each month?

  • Email 40,000 business opportunity seekers!
  • Post your ad to be seen 40,000 times!
  • Add a PPC campaign on Apsense totally free!
  • Get TONS of fresh high quality leads who are interested in YOUR offer!

So instead of paying 200$ or more for advertising each month you just use the software!

How much does such a software cost?

The software usually costs 20$/month, BUT for a limited time, you can get it for 120$/year OR 240$ LIFETIME!


The software is currently in BETA.  It is limited to 100 copies (it might be out of stock soon...).  These "lucky 100" are going to get the software in a special price for life - including ANY upgrade we make totally free.

So yea - right now the software saves you 200$/month (at least...). But as we develope the software, it's going to be a lot more valuable...

As we said, the software is going to evolve.  Those of you are going to enjoy the upgrades for the same fixed price.

And that's not all...

If that's not enough, we have a BIG surprise for you - these first 100 are going to SHARE THE REVENUE of our future sales of the software! 

This means, that if you take the lifetime license for the software, you actually get a residual income with no monthly fees!


Are you ready for some high quality advertising for free?


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What does the bar do?

This question was asked many times. Here are some clarifications to the most pressing questions asked.


Upon setup, it prompts you to finish registration and fill in some details. It might first load in French, but you can change the language to several (English among them...).

Active state

After that, when active, it leaves a rotating banner (ad) on your desktop on top of other programs. Also, from time to time a single popup will show (only one at a time - so if a popup is on, no other will appear). You don't have to actually stay near the computer when it is on. Depends on your screen size, a small banner is not such a bother, but again, you can activate the cashbar when you are away... in addition, you can move the cashbar on your screen to a more convenient location of your choice.

How long should I use it?

Every month, you can make up to 10,000 points using the cash bar. You can also earn bonuses from time to time (by clicking a special banner that shows  "surfer bonus" that appears from time to time). So when you get to 10,000 points, you don't have to use the bar anymore if you don't want to.

Is it safe?

We are using it for several months now - and nothing (bad) happened. Moreover, we are using several anti-maleware and antiviruse softwares and no alert popped up.

Do I have any incentive to get to 10,000 points?

Besides earning money by using the cash bar. YourCreativeCrew gives you an incentive to reach 10,000 points as fast as you can. The first 6 to reach 10,000 points will be able to choose to either get a banner rotating for the following month or get their chosen program to the downline builder.

Still have more questions? Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..